LiDiA – Live + Digital Audiences (2021-23) is an artistic research project that develops new production concepts for the event industry’s use. Instead of building an artificial boundary between live and digitally mediated audience experiences the LiDiA process aims at bringing the two together. The artistic work and research follow boldly the vision that the future of large-scale audience events is in the hybrid action of small and midsize event venues and cultural powerhouses.

The project redefines the roles of public events and culture venues. LiDiA’s vision is based on the traditional live experience that however reaches new audiences through diverse digital contents and experiences.

In 2021 -23 LiDiA designs and pilots new production models for hybrid events. The pre-design focuses especially on the interactive nature between the physical live environment and the extended reality (XR). The pilot productions are designed by a multidisciplinary working group consisting of musicians, performing arts makers and designers, digital platform designers, game artists, virtual studio producers and live-stream directors. The concept design process encompasses also the copyright policies of the new hybrid contents. 

LiDiA – Live + Digital Audiences project prepares culture venues for a future change where they operate even more as production platforms. The concept developed in the LiDiA project helps event producers to expand their current business models and to develop their relation with their audience. The hybrid stage concepts capitalize on the existing expertise in audiovisual productions, music industry, performing arts and XR applications to develop new kind of professional skills.


Project leader

Riku Roihankorpi
University lecturer at Uniarts Helsinki (artistic Research) & Tampere University (theatre, drama and media culture)

Artistic design

Tanja Bastamow
Virtual Designer

Emil Lähteenmäki
Musician, Live Stream Director

Jaakko Lenni-Taattola
Producer, Theatre Maker


Tero Viikari

Janne Laurila
Programme Manager

Digital Platform Design

Sami Peltola / Eligo.Studio Oy